Sugardome Highlight Reel

I was on TV! On a Food Network cooking show? Yes, a cooking show, makes sense to me.

How to Seascape

Instructional video on how to properly paint a pleasant beach landscape painting.

Legends of Rock Ghost Ship

Once upon a time I painted a propane tank to look like a ship in a bottle. Turrned out pretty awesome actually. (Time lapse video)

Mural of Israel IZ Kamakawiwo'ole

Time lapse of the mural for Tuna Shack in Ramona California, they serve awesome Sushi!

Ocean Life Pool Mural

This mural is huge and surrounds a pool. Just a little walk through for ya.

Shea Beach

Another time lapse of the mural for a little boys room, it's not always fine art and serious business ;)