So just how does one go about getting a mural and what happens then?

Murals are not as common place a design choice as I think they should be, I see my fair share of first time mural buyers so I know it can be a somewhat daunting endeavor to track down an artist you like, get a design your enthusiastic about and then trust that artist to deliver quality work on time. Luckily you found me ;)  I'll try and make the process of purchasing a mural and the actuall installation of the mural as clear as I can. If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to answer them. 

I'm still undecided if I should go with a mural 

Understandable. Murals make a statement, they are big, bold, colorful and eye catching. These are all good things, the fear most people have is they will eventually get over it, or the design will over power the space, or worse it will just plain look bad.

It is important to be comfortable with any decision and putting real art in a space is always a good thing to consider. A quality mural will elevate the space or property it is in simply because it will have some flare, some controversy to it, some life. Chances are your going to put something in place of a big mural. Tile, a solid color, plants, brick, I don't know, something that everyone has seen a couple thousand times before. There are places when those design choices called for, but still, a one of kind art piece created by hand to blend within the existing area aesthetic is something that will separate a property in so many positive ways.


Additionally a mural is a flexible design element. It is a very simple wall covering to change in the future if desired. Tile is a hassle to swap, wall paper isn't so great either, any physical design element will have some demo work invovled in changing it. A mural on the other hand is paint, and as simple to change as rolling a fresh color over it. If in the future a new design calls for it simply swap in a new mural, or put a physical design element over top of it in ten years . Murals really are a very cost effective wall treatment that makes sense from a practical stand point as well.






Alright, let's say we move forward and I commission a mural

I will want pictures, dimensions of, and ideally visit, the space the mural will be painted. I have painted 6 story tall murals, 200 ft long murals and a mural inside a stairway closet. They all have their own unique challenges and surfaces to work with. Understanding the space is critical to creating the proper design and estimating the cost.





Now we get to design this thing. Let's look at the existing elements, the vision for the completed project and kick around what you have in mind as well as what I come up with. We will talk and make sketches before I submit one or more designs. This part is all still at no cost.




So we have a design we like, a price we can agree on, now we need to settle on a time to put this into action. Sometimes the production window has already been discussed as it is critical to the project's success, either way we are ready to set a hard to date to begin and more importantly, complete the job. I take a 20% non-refundable deposit secure a start date. The remaining 80% is split into 2 parts, 40% upon start and 40% upon completion. For example a small mural for $1,000 would be $200 to schedule the mural, $400 on the start date and $400 when I finish. For some larger murals, a bi-weekly fee schedule can be set up as well.




Now we are really doing it, I'm there painting on day 1. Normally the first day is a lot of prep, making sure all the materials are ready, scaffolding or lifts (if necessary) are in place, priming the wall if not already done so and I will sketch the general design out. I come and go until the mural is completed on or before the expected date. I can work around odd schedules as well, for instance restaurants normally like me to paint during off hours.



Simple as that, the mural is complete and we do a little walk through to make sure everyone is happy. If I need to make adjustments I will be prepared to do so. If we have arranged to clear coat the mural then I will do so or sometimes property managers will have maintenance roll a coat or two of clear over the mural. That's it! You have a mural that will last for years and years that is unique that compliments the space and is straight up awesome.