Go See a Play Already, geez.

I was lucky enough to design the set and work with the Homespun players, a truly talented group of creative individuals, on the latest project "The House of Bernarda Alba". The final few shows are this weekend at the San Bernardino Garcia Center for the Arts and if you haven't caught it yet you really should.

I'll pat myself on the back a little and say the set looks great, but I'm really a small piece of the puzzle. Amanda Stevens' keeps the aesthetic of the play together seamlessly integrated from scene to scene with her beautiful costuming as well as prop selection/design. Her Husband Micah runs the lights and sound-FX which are surprisingly high quality for a small theater troupe on a budget. Finally the director, Stevie Taken is really the glue that keeps everything humming along, she is an extremely talented director and most importantly has the ability to convey her vision to her actors. The lead actress, Carol Lynne Damgen, brings her experience and talent to a difficult role, embodying Bernarda Alba as a bitter, controlling, and manipulative matriarch of the family.

Really the whole cast and crew came together to create something unique.

Before getting involved with the Homespun players I have always enjoyed going to see the occasional play but was never all that into live theater. I really didn't know what I was missing and if you haven't gone in some time, you probably don't either. There is something so beautifully tangible about watching live actors tell a story, each performance is unique, never to be seen again.

Published in 1945 and written by Federico García Lorca, the play itself is pretty heavy subject matter. A story about a house full of women bickering at each other over the careless affections of local man (who is never seen). It isn't really about catty women though, it intends to shine light on just how our social structure constricts and oppress women to the point that they willfully oppress themselves and those around them.

It really is a fascinating play and, at $10 (less than a movie ticket) worth your time. You won't forget your night with Bernarda Alba. So head over before the intimate, 60 seat, theater is sold out for the final weekend, order a glass of wine and give yourselves something different to talk about.

Reservations 909.888.6400


And what is playing in my studio these days? Asked no one ever. Springtime Carnivore. #duh




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