Beaches Love Sandcastles

So I may have recorded (most of it anyway) one of my latest paintings, a commission for the Bungalow Beach Resort on Anna Maria Island. At first it was just supposed to be a simple

beach-scape, but good Lord did that look boring, so I was given the green light to let loose a little. The result is a painting that I really like on its own merit, not just as a beach painting disappearing into a hotel wall somewhere.

But then I had this time lapse and I was all, what do I do with it? So I sat down and edited the 11 hours of footage into roughly 2 minutes of speed painting. Also I learned I need a better camera.

But then what. Who wants to watch a beach painting happen before their very eyes? Probably no one if my time-lapse mural videos are any indication.

So I came at it from the perspective of a "How To" video. Yeah, not great either frankly. Here is the thing, I don't really know how I paint, I just kinda paint. I keep painting until it makes sense. The only real advice I can give someone without literally standing in their presence and watching them make art is to not stop until it looks right. Period. Just don't stop. Throw it away, erase it at will but try again. Eventually you will see something that clicks, and then you follow that rabbit down it's muddy little hole until you come out the other side. That is how it feels to paint for me.

So I kinda winged it and hoped it was a little humorous along the way.


Finished Painting


Oh and I've been listening to this in the studio for the 2 of you who care.


And finally this gem to share with loved ones.


#Sandcastle #HowtoPaint #BeachScape #LandscapePainting #workingArtist

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