Ryan Visingard Knows Your Fears

I've known Ryan since we were grouped together in A.P. Art way back in high school, during the era of Con Air, O.J. Simpson being known as something other than a professional football player and the Heavens Gate people taking a spaceship ride to oblivion. Apparently I'm old.

I've been around artists my whole life, I've seen many talented people, many more talented than I (something my narcissism makes difficult to admit, but true nonetheless) most of them are no longer creating art anymore, at least not as the driving force in their life. They let the brushes dry up and become a memory. Ryan is not one of those people.

He found his niche and honed that ability. While he creates paintings and murals he is most known for his amazing haunted sculptures, fire breathing animatronics and generally horrifying creations scaring patrons of haunted houses. The technical work as well as the conceptual work is downright fantastic, creating a really cool and unique experience. Far removed from the predictable skeletons, witches and rather mundane haunts found in more traditional haunted houses/rides.

I've learned the real artists are simply the ones who don't walk away from their craft, who double down on creating art instead of allowing that outlet to whither away. Without Ryan and those like him, the world would simply have less interesting things in it, frankly we need more Ryan's in the world.



Sample of Ryan's work

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