Trump Still Might Steal This Thing.

Donald Trump is flat out trying to take over country, not because that was his master plan all along but becasue he can't seem to get along with much of anyone, including the republican party he leads. The further up he goes the less people he wants in his way. This man is a dictator begging to be elected and if we are foolish enough to do so he will treat the country the same way he has treated everyone else he comes into contact with. Ignore their advice, run them over, take what he wants, and cry foul if anything bad happens. Our democracy is likely strong enough not to allow Trump to truly become an absolute ruler, but he is the first candidate for president in my lifetime that I have ever thought "yeah, but he might try it anyway".

Ever since he made a mess of the 1st debate Trump hasn't just taken off the gloves, he's filled them with shit and set them on fire on America's doorstep. Trump always hits back harder when hit himself, but now the game is almost up, he's losing, he knows it and he's going to go out swinging as hard as he can, with a baseball bat.

What is so frightening is the actions he takes on his campaign trail must be a correlation to the Presidency we could expect. He routinely demonizes the press as liars, claims the election is now completely rigged, and says we "live in a 3rd world country". Trump fabricates new villains everyday and then presents himself as the only hero able to slay them. If he is elected president do you really think he will settle down? That he will make reasonable, rationale decisions? That he will allow a free press to cover him? That he will not fabricate conflicts that only he is able to resolve? A President Trump is a ticking time bomb with the power to unleash real, actual bombs... nuclear ones.

Who will Trump listen to in the White House besides people who tell him what he wants to hear? Things like "You're doing an amazing, tremendous job and everything is working out so well no one can believe it."

No one that's who.

He has build up a facade of strength and will continue to prop that up at all cost. Most of his Presidency would be a carefully crafted illusion of success. But what, if any, real past success can we lean on in hopes of a positive outcome in the event of a Trump Presidency?

The list of failed business ventures Mr. Trump has been involved with isn't the real problem, he got some things right, he found his niche as a great showman. So what Trump steaks was a stupid idea, the Taj Mahal was a huge stinking 1 billion dollar flop, and "Trump U" is a shockingly naked scam to bilk money from people who could least afford it. He also built a very successful Trump Tower, stuck his brand on all kinds of other successful projects, became a household name and then somehow made "The Apprentice" popular for 12 years. I give him full credit for finding his way in the world, despite his enormous advantages. What scares me is the way he over promoted all his projects, as "so great", "tremendous" just the best things ever in the history of everything. He basically guaranteed success for everything he ever did and most of the time, they didn't workout. Which basically means all of his campaign rhetoric is deeply suspect.

Now you can say, well that's just all part of sales! I would agree with you, (to a point) but realize that what he says and what will actually happen are, for the most part, entirely unrelated. Trump is just bluffing. That's what he's best at, no one bluffs like Trump and calling his bluff has consequences. Before he shows you his cards he's going to raise you till you're broke and then try and grab the pot and run away before you catch him and then will claim his cards were yours all along and he doesn't know what you're talking about before he sues you for theft.

Putting his bullish insecurities aside and his penchant for bluffing his way through almost anything... what is his vision for America? After all, Pence or some other lackey will be given all the paperwork, all the "day to day bullshit" of running the free world anyway right? All Trump has to do is check on his big beautiful wall project and go around grabbing foreign pussy while directing his grand plan from his golden lounge chair.

Turns out Trump does have a real vision of what America should be. A narrow, narrow vision. He is pretty sure that right around 1952 or so is just the best time ever for America and we need to go back there as quickly as possible. Which is probably true, if your a middle aged white guy without a college degree. During that era you could get a factory job, wife, car and house pretty easily by just not being a total screw-up. Good deal if you can get it. Of course, lots of people couldn't get it, and there were all sorts of problems for people of color, women and within the queer communities that would manifest itself very publicly in the coming decades

As an example of how narrow his vision for America is, at a rally in Greensboro, NC (10/14) Trump actually said, without hesitation or much thought, "Imagine what our country could accomplish if we started working together as one people under one God saluting one American flag"

Our country is full of diverse people who worship in their own ways or not at all. One God? Which one Trump? Which one God do you want all us "one people" to worship?

That whole phrase casually uttered at his rally is a window into how he views the country, as wayward, drifting from white nationalism into the anarchy of multiple religions and a diverse culture whose citizens feel affinity for more than just one nation. Oh the humanity.

Trump wants a legion of loyal, like minded followers who think like he does to do his bidding. There is no other way to see it and it's shocking.

We had better be careful, Trump might just win this thing, he has surprised at every turn and just when you think he's down for the count he finds a way back from the dead. Trump might just bluff his way right into the white house, where will he go from there? He doesn't even know, but I know for certain that President won't be enough for him. He will want more.


Edit: Well, it's November 15th. Maybe it will all be ok. But like... I told you so. I really hope I'm just some mindless puppet of the liberal media. But then I remember so many crazy Trump quotes from the dozens of rallies I watched and interviews he's given. The only hope I have is that he looks as scared as I feel,


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