Find Your Way Home


One of my favorite Micro's and an increasingly popular one online and at my Etsy store is "Finding the Way Home".

I feel like we are all trying to find our way "home", to make our little place in the world comfortable and meaningful. To check off the boxes that we personally find important. I feel like that penguin a lot, awkwardly navigating through a strange, somewhat dimly lit, environment, chasing a slow moving target to what I hope is a rewarding end. Often it is a dead end, or a sharp turn that awaits me. But more and more I recognize that our willingness to keep moving is the difference between success and defeat, between apathy and hope. When i see that little penguin, flopping along, chasing that white dot, I see myself and I hope, you see a little of you too.


What's playing my studio this week? Of Montreal of course. Best. Album. Ever.

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