I'm Giving Away 9 Paintings for Free

Why am I just giving away artwork?

Something that all professional artists struggle with is finding the balance between pure self expression and popular appeal. Examples of straddling that line are everywhere and artists of all persuasions, (writing, musicians, film makers etc) have had varying degrees of success.

My compromise is to create something of the same size over and over, something that can be collected into a larger body of work. This allows me to paint exactly what I want, only limited by dimension. So I created Micro Paintings, 6"x6" squares on gallery wrapped canvas.

While I realize that my style will appeal only to small percentage of art lovers, the rewards for successfully finding my audience are enormous. I have to find my audience with whatever meager means I have available to me. If we manage to find each other I will have achieved what I have always dreamed of and wanted more than anything, to be able to focus solely on expressing myself freely on canvas without the fear of poverty or even just the relentless stress of making ends meet.

What I'm after isn't financially all that lofty, I don't need a brand new sports car or giant house, but in a practical sense -if I am successful, I believe I will have everything I have ever wanted.

So if your an art collector/art lover and find these paintings of interest please share this post. Every one who shares it on either Facebook or Twitter will be added to a raffle on Sept 1st for 1 of 9 free Micros of your choice to start your own mini gallery.

Thank for taking the time to read this in support of my dream and good luck!

Visit www.Jasonluper.com to see the micros and more artwork.


How the Micro Paintings are Made

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