Artist SPOTLIGHT: Jonathan Wallraven

Enjoy the insanity that is Jonathan Wallraven's Instagram page.

Jonathan Wallraven

Jonathan's work is impressive in its simplicity. Using natural lines and subdued colors the work is still full of personality and emotion. The Instagram page is full of beautifully created work, some of which is seems to put together on a drawing tablet which is thankfully used a tool and not a crutch. The tablet has become something of the auto-tune of the art world, diluting talent and making it all to easy never find your own style/voice. If I'm wrong about his medium I'm frankly even more impressed with the final product.

A recent exhibit at the Chinese Culture Center in San Fransisco shows just how far clean ink lines can go as the viewers are completely immersed in these huge versions of line drawings. I think my favorite part of the exhibit is that they are drawing on the wall in ink, and then painted over after 10 days. When art is temporary I think it has more power, like a live show that can never be truly re-captured.

Jonathan Wallraven Exhibit

Anyway, I like his work, I'm not a critic, I'm an artist and I'm telling you as another artist, this guy has oodles of talent. Go look at his stuff, it's really freaking good.

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