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So I was painting a mural in LA and stumbled across a delightfully yellow couch with a bright red cup on it. It was found near the Belmont Station Apartments and I instantly loved the way the yellow couch, red cup and green ivy behind it all came together. It was as if it painted itself. So I snapped a shot and tucked it away on my phone for a few weeks before finally getting to it. You can see I only made two changes, the gross enlargement of the cup and my little circles.

I get asked a lot about why I add little circles to my work. My knee jerk reaction is usually confusion, I'm not sure I even know why. They feel right. Like a musician choosing to follow A-minor after E-major, it just sounds good. If I dig a little deeper I think of them as printer marks, like an isolation of the colors used in the painting expressed in their most simple form. The glaring problem with that is that in this painting I have no yellow dot, pretty key color to make a yellow couch and green foliage.

So at the end of the day I have no idea why I paint little circles but that's ok. There is no deep meaning to a floral arrangement, yet we know when one looks great and another is "meh".

So why paint the cup so much larger? Mostly becasue it really is the key to the whole painting, that discarded red cup just hums off the couch. The only problem is that while it is fully one third of the images' value, in the photograph, it commands like 4% of the composition. I fixed that. Your welcome.


Continuing to add my studio music selection cuz why not. Today's album is Portugal "The Man"

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