Who has time to post when drones are flying overhead.

So this blog thing. Yeah. I enjoy it sporadically, so in the unlikely event there are actual people interested and waiting for new posts, I sincerely apologize to the 3 of you. I've let you down. Also, I don't feel like posting for posting sake without having something to say.

But I'm posting anyway today. Updating the world (and you my special, special snowflake) on my comings and goings of late. Working on some new micro paintings like this drone below. Did you know here in America it is our foreign policy to drone strike other countries like Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Norway... and kill "combatants" pretty much daily? No really, oh and we apparently suck at it, according to the Washington Times.

Just kidding about Norway, but somehow I think if it was Norway we might actually care enough to do something about it.

Also and for some reason I have this fantasy that people would care what I am listening to while I paint. This is what I'm spinning currently on YouTube: Nouvelle Vague

Got some things brewing, including my new wide format printer to make my own giclees, vintage style movie posters that I'm painting and my personal take/painting on The Trumpster. So I look forward to sharing all those things with you. Could be next week or next month, who can tell?


Jason Luper is somehow still surviving as a full time artist in Riverside CA. www.jasonluper.com

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