Dear God I built a Kickstarter Campaign... what have I done.

Yep, well, with significant help from Avery Schlemmer, my niece who will hopefully find a way to spread the campaign around like wildfire. Shooting the video was arguably the largest hurdle. I sat there, staring blankly into my cell phone on a tri-pod, eager to say clever, awe-inspiring art like things.. yeah no, that didn't happen.

The first take was mostly wind noise, second take the dog decided to get heavily involved then I finally said, you know what this whole thing is missing? Alcohol.

Enter bottle of red. Things got a little more interesting, but it still took roughly an hour of filming to track down 2 minutes of viable air time.

Luckily with a little editing, some photoshop magic and a lot of "meh, that will do" attitude, the video came out half decent.

Now, the waiting game begins. Can I reach my goal and purchase a printer to make beautiful giclees for everyone?? I hope so. It will be a nice test to see if anyone is really interested in these little guys. I know I am.

Kickstarter Page:

What really surprised me the most was how much work was actually involved, I a couple days worth of time organizing the images, video and content. But the research was the biggest time dump, I made a spread sheet detailing down to the last packing peanut how much money I would need to buy the printer, purchase the materials, produce the prints and then mail them. I'm reasonably sure I qualify as an accountant for those temporary H&R Block franchises that pop up for two weeks to disperse refunds.

Alright, lets do it peoples, let's make Micro Prints together. *gets 3rd bottle of wine

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