A Self-Portrait

While attempting to explain each of my drawings/paintings I find starting with the most personal pieces is the easiest. This one is actually pretty symbolic and is a deviation from my normally more vague dream like imagery. Still I'm not sure really why I used these symbols but I am happy to explain what they are.

The figure it myself, and although I have no compunction about drawing people who have been close to me completely naked for some reason I drew myself with my black boxer-briefs on. I suppose I figure no one really needs to see anything under there, and while I wouldn't care if someone else had a naked drawing of me up, I felt a little silly drawing myself naked. I'm sure that means something.

I drew myself seated and contemplating a little black hexagon. That little black hexagon occasionally appears in my work, it is one of the few things with a definite meaning. It symbolizes death to me, a subject I dwell on fairly often and something that I won't get in to deeply here.

The chess pieces are just that.. chess pieces. I am obsessed with chess, it is this never ending puzzle to solve, I play it too much honestly, but I really enjoy it. So basically I drew what was on my mind that day.

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