Sea Monsters, Mermaids and Pirate Ships are all things I paint. Apparently.

The first thing I noticed is the bar is deceptively large and in the shape of a boat. I honestly wasn't sure exactly how to approach decorating the beast... but they wanted a treasure map on top of it so I started doodling. I went with a variety of styles from old world sea monsters, to common treasure maps, the kind where X always marks the spot. After untold number of beers, bowls and 2 bleary eyed working weeks I wrapped up. I pulled mostly 11 hour days, starting late and finishing later, mostly because I severely under estimated just how big this damn thing is and I wasn't going to turn in subpar work. You know, cuz I is proffesional n stuffs.

The wait staff was friendly, sending coffee, beer and some amazing pork dish created from "super pig" and a purple potato, my way at regular intervals. Luckily one of them (Catherine) has beautiful handwriting and since mine is roughly similar to what one would expect from an dyslexic 8 yr old, she got the job of labeling everything. This would quickly descend into a series of puns and alliterations referencing everyone who wanted to be in the map within a 100 yard radius, but after some reflection I am ok with that.

I go back to the bar in Florida this coming June to compete the whole look of the bar and possibly paint a bunch of stuff on the outside of the restaurant too, why not, I already miss that delicious super pig.

Sea Food Shack Bar Top Gallery

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