SeaFood Shack Bar Top Mural

A restaurant in Bradenton FL, asked me to put a treasure map on their new bar, so I spent two weeks painting non-stop and this happened.

Belmont Station Train

Authentic to the actual train that was once located at the old Belmont Station, (now Belmont Station Apartments)

Surrealistic Landscape

Bunker Hill Towers in DTLA gets an unusual landscape applied to its long retaining wall.

Boys & Girls Club

Boys and Girls Club in Palmetto FL, has wild animals painted all over it.

Ramona Music Center

Local music center in Ramona gets a facelift.

Tuna Shack

Mural of Israel Iz' Kamakawiwoʻole at Tuna Shack, a sushi joint in Ramona, CA

Mission Trails Logo painted as real mountains in the lobby.

Mission Trails


Riverside, California