What are 3D Landscapes?

Turn rough landscape sketches and photographs into a 3 Dimensional landscape design that your clients will love. Showcase your plan for their home and resolve any confusion over the design before you put a spade in the ground.

What are 3D Landscapes commonly used for?

Usually I work with small landscape companies who want to be able to present something impressive to complete a sale or resolve the landscape design before ordering material.

Why is this page on an artist's website?

My name is Jason Luper, this is my site, I am a professional artist who was asked to create these for a small landscaping company and it took off from there. My background in art is very helpful when turning simple sketches into fully formed 3D Landscapes.

Example Video

How does it work?

The more information you send me, the better your video will be. I need two basic things, at least a sketch with some dimensions/notes of the landscaping plan and pictures of the property. The pictures are important because I use them to try and re-create the client's actual home. That kind of personal touch goes a long way to help you stand out against your competition.

How much does it cost?

I charge a standard rate of $125 per video. Some designs are more complicated and take more time but I will always make any extra cost known before accepting or starting a job.

What do I get for the money?

5-8 pictures of the completed design along with a video of the 3D Landscape.

What about material estimates?

If architectural or CAD drawings are available or if your drawing is precise, then yes, I can give you cubic yard estimates for sod, mulch, river rock, artificial turf, etc. I add a $65 fee for that service.

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